To Be Conflictive or Not to Be Conflictive? That is the Question…

Today, we spent a good deal of time talking about personalities and behaviors within a group. I found some of the things we discussed “unsettling”. I HATE conflict! When we first began talking about personalities, I thought the discussion was useful. Afterwards, we moved on to team dynamics and the “storming” stage. Nope, I love peace, no dissension coming from this corner! 😉

I started to change my mind as the workshop continued. We talked about conflict being the catalyst that begins group cohesion. Conflict does not mean “my way or the highway”, but instead the allowance for personality differences within the group. If we all openly communicate, respect, and encourage different perspectives we will achieve even greater things. Okay, so I feel a little better about conflict.

This got me to thinking. Teaching is what I love to do. I have even taught in a school in a PBL school. I know a little of what to expect, right? Ha!

Each day in training, we cover something familiar. And within moments, IA turns it on its head! I love it. I don’t want to just have a good classroom. I want my class to be the place where new and exciting events (as well as best practices) happen daily. So exciting!

So, I’ve thought of a book that captures the spirit of turning the traditional upside down.


Bubba the Cowboy Prince, by Helen Ketteman, takes the Cinderella story mixes everything up. Roles change. Buuba is the underdog in this story, and the princess is a go getter. Iconic symbols are transformed to a Texan setting. This is a great book to capture the feeling of change and excitement about this new chapter in my career.

Day 1: Hooked

A journey has begun. Where will it lead? I’m not sure…


One thing I do know, books can often express just the right feeling. Thus, Day 1 of my brand new journey is best expressed with Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. In this story, a mysterious but fictitious author, Harris Burdick left 14 drawings behind. Before his disappearance, he gave each drawing a title and caption. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no other explanations to the stories or what happened to the vanished author.

My day, like the book, had many beginnings. But, there are so many stories that were left unwritten. How… frustrating… exciting…strange…mysterious. I have to admit that I’m intrigued, though. I’m ready to take charge. And isn’t that what I want to create in my students? A desire to take charge of their own learning, and start writing their own stories… Why yes, that is exactly what I want.

Now for a silly side moment… These are pages from Allsburg’s book. But,  the titles and caption were tweaked to fit my purposes.

What the teacher leaders think they are doing…

Innovation Newbies, Teaching Wonders
A tiny voice asked, “Are these the ones?”


How all the new teachers really felt…

Under the Rug

It was happening again! The post it notes were piling up.


What will most likely invade the new teachers’ dreams tonight…


Mr. Crow’s Library

They had warned us about not doing our flipped assignments.

Alright, that is enough silliness for one post.